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The Rewind – 3.12.12

Here are a few things we came across this past week that might be of interest to the TVA community:

+ 4 more days until we pick the Giveaway winners. There are a couple entries you can do more than once, so if you want to increase your chances…

+ Tonight = Bachelor finale. And we’re proud to announce that Knox’s recap will be HERE tomorrow.

+ Why Mad Men almost didn’t return for a new season.

+ Is this real? For the love of Ron Swanson, someone please confirm this is real.

+ Biggest Loser slims down to 1-hour episodes. There’s a joke here about contestants and slimming down, but I just don’t care enough to figure it out.

+ Finally, we no longer have to touch the most repulsive thing on Planet Earth. LodgeNet Mobile App makes your smartphone a hotel TV remote control.

+ Here are 7 things to look forward to in the 5th season of Sons of Anarchy.

+ SNL Clip of the Week: Can’t decide which was better – Jonah Hill’s monologue or the new Digital Short?

+ Hmm…does Netflix’s Apple TV deal signal a new business model?

+ Interesting. Breaking Bad, as told by its opening scenes.

+ Since we’re Knox-Bachelor-Recap depraved this week, Inside the Tense Women Tell All Taping is the best we can do.

+ The best sitcom episode of all time? Agree or disagree?

Anything you came across this week that we need to know about?

  • http://www.chadgibbs.com Chad Gibbs

    I do love that episode of Community.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best sitcom episode of all-time, but then again, I don’t know what I would call the best sitcom episode of all-time.  George as the marine biologist has always been a favorite.  

  • Ellen

    Yes, Nick Offerman is an actual woodworker! You can buy real stuff from him – pricey, but gorgeous.

  • Sam Davidson

    Confirmed on Offerman as well. In fact, YouTube is a gold mine of old clips of pre-Ron Offerman (sans stache) working on wood. For example:

    • http://www.haleybragg.com/ haleybragg

      I’ll be honest. The right hand ring he’s wearing while BUILDING A CANOE is throwing me a bit.

      • Sam Davidson

        I understand. But Mr. Offerman could be wearing a pinky ring with a Care Bear on it for all I care. He can do know wrong in my book. 

        Last week’s “Who’s up for some after-dinner omelets?” was one of his best lines ever.

        • http://www.knoxmccoy.com Knox McCoy

           100% agree. I felt like I could see where everything was going, but the omelets line destroyed me.

        • http://www.haleybragg.com/ haleybragg

          Oh yeah, I feel the same way about that line. It completely owned me.