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The Rewind – 3.26.12

Here are a few things we came across this past week that might be of interest to the TVA community:

ABOVE: Britain’s Got Talent’s Jonathan Antoine is Susan Boyle 2.0. (TMZ)

Old Navy Stages Blossom Reunion. This wasn’t at all how it happened in my dreams. (TV Guide)

The Office Shakeup Continues as Search for New Showrunner Begins. Anyone else feel like we’re watching Ken Griffey Jr. in the last few years of his career? Every now and then you’d see glimpses of the glory that was, but overall you just kind of felt sorry for him. (Hollywood Reporter)

What is Hulu Plus? And check out this series for the full details on how to rid your life of cable and still watch it all. (Hulu)

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall on His Off-Season Indie, Real-Life Stalking, and Deb’s Icky Unsisterly Feelings. Let’s hope “off-season indie” is code for making the show compelling again. (Vulture)

24 Movie Will Still Happen, Says Producer. There’s currently nothing I want more in life. (TV Guide)

Onion News Network Canceled. Easily my favorite show I never watched. (Huffington Post)

From Lost to Friends, The Strange Art of Picking a TV Title. (Hollywood Reporter)

Watch the first episode of NBC’s Best Friends Forever before it airs on TV. How many minutes can you tolerate? I tapped out after three.  (The Comic’s Comic)

What else?

Anything you came across this week that we should know about?

  • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

    re: the “best friends forever” show..I was out after the trailer I saw during 30 Rock.