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The Art of Baywatch

You guys. DID YOU HEAR? There’s an oral history out about Baywatch. Looks like Christmas in late March is a thing now.

I found this oral history particularly compelling, not because I watched it (I didn’t. Wasn’t allowed to. I’m guessing the plot was either too lofty or the dramatic situations were too intense. Mom never told me WHY just NO.) but because someone was like, “Hey we should do an oral history on Baywatch.” And an editor was like, “lol ok.”

Below is my favorite quote:

Guys. Kelly Packard wasn’t a dummy. She knew that a show about luscious lifguards in skimpy outfits wasn’t about the drama of beach. This was no Saved By The Bell that time they all worked at Leon Carosi’s and Doug Heffernan’s wife STONEWALLED Zack at the end. No. This was purely about bathing suits and girls.

It seems that Kelly Packard knew this before any of us did. Maybe even before the producers/writers did.


  • http://twitter.com/amympayne Amy Payne

    Wait, you didn’t include the fact that there’s going to be a MOVIE. And also this quote: David Hasselhoff: “Nothing will ever eclipse art, humor, and action — not even reality TV.”