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11 Reasons Why Rachel Should Have Picked Joey

I know, I know. Blasphemy. But think about it. What do Ross and Rachel really have in common, anyway? And they didn’t really date for that long over the span of the series. They just kept randomly hooking up and having babies and getting married. Other than those trivial things, no connection.

I propose that Joey would have made a lot more sense as Rachel’s lobster (anyone?).

Why? I’ll tell you.

[Note: If you haven't watched the entire series, there are spoilers in this post. But I use the term "spoilers" loosely because it's been almost 10 years since the series ended. So I don't really feel bad. Well, I do a little, because if this disclaimer applies to you, your life is incomplete.]

1. Neither take life too seriously (ahem, Ross).

Exhibit A: both laugh at “homo erectus” during Ross’s keynote speech in Barbados.

Exhibit B: Rachel teaches Ross’s son, Ben, how to prank him. Ross is not amused.

Exhibit C: Joey’s entire lifestyle.

2. Ross turns into a soggy marshmallow whenever he’s dating Rachel. Is it just me or does Rachel totally wear the pants in this relationship? Watching them interact when they are officially “together” is like watching a chihuahua pout and whine in order to get food from the table while you’re trying to eat dinner. At first you sympathize with it because you feel bad, but then it just gets annoying and you kind of want to kick it in the face. Grow a spine, dude.

3. Joey has enough nerve to confess his love for Rachel, even when he didn’t know how she would react, which Ross only contemplates about 3849 times throughout the series but pretty much never actually does. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison, shall we? Joey’s version: “I’m falling in love with you.” Ross’s version: “Uh, I just uh, wanted to see if you, y’know, wanted to maybe…start things up again?” [insert slow clap here]

4. Joey could beat Ross up.

5. Rachel could beat Ross up.

6. Joey makes more money because he’s on a soap opera, and Ross just teaches unenthusiastic college students about dinosaurs (hey, a girl’s gotta eat). Rachel also likes soap operas better than dinosaurs. Proven fact.

7. They were clearly better roommates than Ross & Rachel were. Ross hid messages from Rachel and was constantly jealous of any guy she dated. Joey would never do that. He’s too loyal. And not very good at being stealth.

8. Ross says Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily, then leaves Rachel to go on his honeymoon alone. Really? That’s just on him.

9. When Joey is secretly in love with Rachel, he holds it in out of respect for Ross. When the truth finally comes out and Rachel starts dating Joey, Ross’s epic freakout reaches a point in which he pulls tater tots out of the oven without using oven mitts–even though he hadn’t actually dated Rachel in six years. He’s also dating Charlie at the time, who he kind of stole from Joey in the first place. Joey handles this whole situation like a pro. Point Joey.

10. Ross can’t flirt.

11. If she married Joey, she wouldn’t have to be Ben’s other step-mom (see: Susan), nor would she have to be Ross’ fourth marriage.

She would also be exempt from having to explain to the state of New York (and her child) how she had previously been married to Ross thanks to a drunken night in Vegas (though Ross tried to stay married and keep it a secret from Rachel — again, sad), but then they had a baby together, which again we can attribute to “one drunken night,” then later thought, “JAY KAY YOU GUYS!” and decided to get married again. “Guess what, Emma? Our whole family unit is basically a product of decisions made under the influence of alcohol!”

Let’s be honest. At least 60 percent of my argument hinges on the fact that Ross, though hilarious, is super lame. I’ve never understood why Rachel held out for him. This would never work in real life.

What do you think: Joey or Ross?

  • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

    I agree with this 100%! I was always a fan of the Rachel/Joey relationship, but never met anyone else who felt the same. My life is complete now.

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      YES! Thank you! :-)

  • Rebecca Laird

    i’m sorry, I cannot support this.  I appreciate your angle, and it makes sense, but I still love Ross and Rachel.  I think it’s because it a lot of ways I am the nerd-girl-version of Ross, who hopes that there’s some guy too hot for me still waiting for me - despite the fact that he may have had a soap opera star throw themself at him.  Okay, maybe not that specific, but you get the idea. 

    Other ways i’m like Ross – Can’t flirt.  I’m probably 2 pizza deliveries away from being “the girl with the gas.”

  • Jason

    Chandler was obviously the better guy. But he decided to go for “crazy.”

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      I do like Chandler the best out of the guys. But his relationship with Monica is one of my favorite things so I support him not ever dating Rachel. Monica and Chandler’s crazy combines in a mutual kind of crazy that I find hilarious.

  • http://chrystalmurphy.com/ Chrystal

    I agree Laura. Though I think you left out the most important factor – hotness. As in, Joey is way hotter than Ross. (Is that shallow? It sounds shallow doesn’t it.)

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      Haha. I think Joey is definitely better looking, but he even lets himself go a bit towards the end of the series. I still think his & rachel’s personalities work best together though!

  • Gordon

    I am going to stick the classic Ross and Rachel. I like the long term chase coming to a pinacle success. 

  • http://takingbacktiffany.wordpress.com DTDorrin

    YES. Finally, a voice of reason among the masses of Ross and Rachel supporters. I loved this show, but never understood how Ross and Rachel could end up together. Maybe if Ross had evolved rather than devolved into a mass of whiny sadness. I agree with you 100%, and am glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks about these things 10 years after the show ended.

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      Thank you!! Glad I have found some supporters. Once you’ve watched each episode approximately 50 times, you start thinking about these things. :)

      • Sharp Barlow

        YEHESS. I’ve been saying this for YEARS. It seems so obvious, but no one else was on my side. Thank you, Laura. Thank you TV asylum.

        • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

          Right?? :) Glad to know there are others out there who thought the same thing!

  • http://unknownjim.com/ Jim Woods

    Might be blasphemy, but I think Phoebe and Joey should have gotten together. Remember how Joey dated Ursula? Joey and Phoebe used to flirt all the time as well. I’m leaning toward Ross with Rachel if for no other reason than the Prom incident that Ross endured. He deserved her for that alone IMO. 

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      I thought about the prom incident, but it didn’t make up for every other lame thing he does in the rest of the series. :) Phoebe and Joey would probably make a good couple, too, actually, but they’re more partners in crime than people I see marrying each other. Fair argument, though.

      • http://twitter.com/JBryantWrites Jennifer Bryant

        Ok, yes, he comes off as a good guy in the prom incident. But didn’t he also start an I hate Rachel club AND spread a rumor that she had a “teenie weenie”? 

        • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

          YES. True. Thank you for your input. :-)  

  • Taylor

    Fans of Friends, I offer you this rebuttal. Please ignore all spelling, punctuation, grammar, and incorrect capitalization or lack there of as I have typed this whole thing in the NOTES app on my phone and am a new mom who took way too much time to do this anyway (but I get so much pleasure out of arguing with Laura about TV).

    Ross is a safe choice

    Has almost always had a steady job (and SAVINGs per jack gellar “half your paycheck where does it go?!”) 

    Joey may have been on Days when the show ended but he seems to always be making bad choices that get him fired, and he has bad spending habits – remember when he was on Days the first time and spent all his money on ridiculous art (on credit none the less). Plus he owes chandler like 10 years of rent.

    Always been in love with Rachael, I can’t resist a good unrequited romance story especially when that love finally gets returned (most recent pop culture ref: peeta in the hunger games, not that katniss ever deserved him, but that’s another romance rant)

    The prom video – how could you ever deny that Ross, not only was in love with Rachel, but is just a nice guy. The kind of guy who will go out of his way to be there for someone wholeheartedly. we all need to end up with a Ross. And after guys like Barry and Paulo, Rach needs a “boring” little sweetheart like to stay in a eat chinese food with on a Friday night.

    Joey was a huge perve for several seasons. I used to think all his one liners were funny, but I re-watched  some seasons recently only to notice, “wow, Joey was kind of a skeezy guy”. 

    Ross is a family man. Joey wouldn’t even share original Hugsy with Emma. And Joey doesn’t share food. 

    Ross HAS a better family. Who doesn’t love the gellars?! Joey has a million sisters ala jersey shore and parents who were inconsiderate of Monica and Chandlers wedding seating.

    Ross balances Rachel. Rachel and Joey are arguably too similar. I don’t want to think about the offspring Joey an Rachel would have produced, but I’m thinking their only asset would be their physical appearance, while their intelligence, common sense and ability to provide for themselves would equal that of a rock. Not like the cool rock monster from the never ending story.. Just a regular, helpless (yet attractive) rock.

    Ross is a gift giver – for her birthday, he gave Rachel an antique piece of jewelry that he remembered her pointing out months earlier. The best gift Joey ever gave someone was actually picked out by Chandler because his gift was so bad (see Kathy)

    Ross was always good at THE STUFF. The writers would have us assume that Joey would also be good at the stuff, but I’m pretty sure he would also bring to the table a petri dish of STDs. How’s that for a visual? Yughck.

    Ross has a better apartment. Relationships in New York are built on this consideration alone.

    Lightning points: He has already mastered the hug and roll. He can use the art of unagi to save her from DANGER! He puts up with her spoiled habits like returning every gift she gets. He IS her lobster.

    Also I’m going to have to agree with Ross, and the great Hugh Laurie, i think it was very clear they WERE on a break.

    In summary, I support your decision Rachel Green, I would have got off the plane too.

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      First of all, I respect your well thought out rebuttal and reference to Original Hugsy. We might have to agree to disagree on this one. I submit that in real life Ross wouldn’t have enough in common with Rachel to even sustain a relationship.

      Also even though I will concede that they were on a break, he literally only waited hours before sleeping with someone he barely knew. Still just as hurtful. Also at least Joey is honest about his promiscuity. Ross just tries to defend himself over & over again.

      The only time I like Ross and Rachel is when they are arguing. The rest of the time they make me want to gag a little bit (see: soggy marshmallow).

      But well played, Taylor Rew. Well played. I have a feeling we shall meet again someday. I think I have met my Obscure-Friends-References match. :)

      • savage

        “Also even though I will concede that they were on a break, he literally only waited hours before sleeping with someone he barely knew. Still just as hurtful. Also at least Joey is honest about his promiscuity. Ross just tries to defend himself over & over again”

        Oh please!, on that night, remember he called Rachel after the argument and he heard Mark was there with her!, He thought he had lost her forever, plus, he didn’t look to sleep with Chloe, she came on to him at a very weak point, and he was just too sad and heartbroken that he didn’t care!, he really thought it was OVER between him and Rachel, he genuinely thought that she was cheating on him with Mark, at least at that very moment when HE called her to try and work things out.

        Remember that on the morning after, Chloe tries to kiss him again and he instantly rejects her after hearing the message Rachel left on his machine about giving it another shot.

        Come on, give Ross some credit.

    • http://twitter.com/lagibbla Lauren Arieux

      THIS just had me cackling!: 
      Lightning points: He has already mastered the hug and roll. He can use the art of unagi to save her from DANGER! He puts up with her spoiled habits like returning every gift she gets. He IS her lobster.

  • Mamatink

    I have always thought that!, no one loved her as unquestionably as Joey did!

  • Elizabeth R.

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly! Rachel + Ross had never, ever worked in the past – so why would it work at the end of the series? They’d tried and tried (and tried, and…) and always failed.

    Joey, on the other hand, seemed genuinely caring, and as you said, less prone to the intense jealousy that Ross harbored.  Argh, why couldn’t Rachel end up with Joey?

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      Right?? agreed on all counts. 

  • http://katiemaesdailies.blogspot.com/ Katie Alicea

    Oh em gee, my mind is blown.  I was just talking to my husband a few days ago about how Ross and Rachel are perfect for each other and why it worked.  BUT now…with all this new evidence.  I’m gonna need some time to mourn.

  • http://twitter.com/lagibbla Lauren Arieux

    Love this post Laura. And as a Friends FREAK who will assert to my dying day that it was the best show ever to hit television, I’m quite impressed by your argument. Up until this point, I’ve never even considered it. And now I want to rewatch all of it! 

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      I’m honored to have impressed a fellow Friends freak. :) Let me know if you rewatch it all and feel the same way!

  • Cheryiad

    Oh yes because 2 irresponsible people make a good couple. Opposites always attract. That’s REAL life
    And on top of it all joey is the dumbest guy ever, even Rachel wasn’t that stupid. And get real, you coming down so hard on Ross as if Rachel didn’t have her lame desperate moments for Ross
    Ex. Everytime he was in a relationship. She did not want him to date while she was pregnant but got so pissed off when he didnt give her that message (double standard)
    Rachel was whiny, spoiled, and selfish she could’ve ended up alone for all I cared

    • Chad

      And Ross could have disappeared for all I cared.

  • Rachel Tribbiani xxx

    I MUCH rather Joey and Rachel to Rachel and Ross. Ross and Rachel’s love story went ON and ON and was way too confusing. It seemed unrealistic, stupid and pointless. Make-up/break-up sort of thing (which I hate). Joey and Rachel have so much chemistry! They have great times together and they have the same sense of humour, unlike Rachel and Ross. Rachel seemed to be having WAY more fun living with Joey than with Ross. And Ross is so irritating, Rachel could do better.

    • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

      Totally agree. And love the choice of screen name. :)

    • jole green tribbiani

      Oh my god. I couldn’t agree MORE with you. That’s totally it.

  • Damian

    I believe Rachel and Joey was a good story to develop, although it was quite complex for the sitcom to be successfully developed. I think in reality Rachel would had picked Joey. However Ross had a lot of history with Rachel and I agree that even though they seemed “meant for each other” for a while it became tiresome because he are just so unstable when they are together. And this gag repeats itself through the entire series. This Rachel and Ross story would have been credible if Ross just realized what she IS for him. But man it was 10 years before they would click right? That’s just unreal. Furthermore, it is all based upon the history they have? What history? He having a lot of crushes early in the day and furthermore Ross was already married with Susan so he suddenly “remembered” all his crush with Rachel to this very day? Who of you guys can rekindle a crush from high school or early college? That’s unreal, again. We all had a crush in high school or college just like him, so what? They don’t develop anything together, you can’t see them evolve as a couple. In the final scene where they are hugging I could only expect to see the next brag of him resulting in another distancing. And it’s just ridiculous that they have so tough story lines together such as Ross and Mona dealing with Rachel pregnancy and he handling all of that but never had the guts to come straight to Rachel? Again, that’s unreal. 

    Rachel and Joey both have their flaws. But they clearly are evolving them throughout the series and you can just feel they look nice together more and more. In the final third of the series you see a stable Joey (with his work and lifestyle) and he clearly wants a real relationship and Rachel was his answer and he suffers his failed attempts of serious relationships. Their relationship slowly evolves but it had a direction. With Ross it’s just mayhem. Rachel and Joey are not similar. Rachel develops a successful business career, something unimaginable to someone like Joey and she’s praised several times for her great work in the office and are opposed in lifestyle as Rachel is used to being a family girl (just as Ross) and Joey was more of a street guy (who took responsibility of his sisters). Also, you can see Joey’s real maturity as he never puts himself in Rachel’s way even though his feelings. In contrast, Ross felt the same jealousy in the 10th season from the second season as he was still jealous when Rachel reminded him of her work colleague (sorry I don’t remember names) when she is exiting the Ralph Lauren building with Ross (again, unreal). In the end Joey and Rachel are opposite in character to see the chemistry blossom while their experiences and views let them click like no other.

    Joey was the least developed character in the series and Ross had a lot of chances to come straight with Rachel but it never lasted even with the moving prom video. A true Joey and Rachel story would made Joey evolve much more as a character and Ross would had been fine with the other paleontology girl or someone else because in spite of Emma they want different things. But this girl may be just a reminder of the first Ross’ girlfriend in the series the japanese-like girl who was also super-smart and Ross put “she’s not Rachel”. And he’s the one with the most girlfriends, weddings and dates through the series and some of you say Ross is the stable guy? Yeah, sure! (UNREAL)

    Rachel and Joey clearly evolves sentimentally in the series. Ross does not. It took him realize she was leaving for good to reconsider and I question his egoism in that after 10 seasons of chance. Joey would rather take up his life (as he was trying to jump from the deck) than imposing himself in Rachel wishes. That’s just love. So Ross kept the prize and he did not do nothing to earn it in the end but to brag, once again, to her to get off the plane.

    • Damian

      In the end I believe the writers just followed the status quo and decided to bring a nice closure for a relationship that was due for years without realizing there was ramifications worth exploring like giving Joey a real chance to fulfill his true relationship wants and give him the chance to father a little (he would had been a tremendous dad). I think that would evolved much more his character but the writers chose to leave it kind of one dimensional and sometimes they overreached in his stupidity such as when he wanted professional advice from a 8-yo girl and ended talking to a doll. Both Joey and Rachel screw up in their jobs but in different ways by the way. She was a terrible waitress and she managed to get herself fired from RL so it is not just Joey the one who screws up. Ah! And she was the responsible for losing the apartment bet in one of the best comedy scenes in the series. Chandler is the best because they developed him alright. I believe Ross was better off single and let him really get over Rachel to pursue another relationship elsewhere, but that wouldn’t be okay for the series status quo, but in reality it does since it’s called growing up. How many 35-yo people you know still hurting for their college crush and many failed attempts even though they have a child with her?

  • Olivia

    I agree 110% with your post.

    R/R could never manage to work together long-term throughout the ten years of the series, so I have no reason to believe they’d make it work on their 9 billionth go-around. Their entire arc was an uncomfortable cycle of both of them treating each other more and more like dirt, lusting after each other, getting drunk and making mistakes, yet it’s supposed to be true love… because Ross asked her out in the first episode. So, of course she was supposed to end up with him no matter what.

    Ross was a jerk to Rachel and for that reason alone I couldn’t root for him to be in any kind of romantic relationship with her. She was a jerk to him too, but his entitlement and possessiveness reached frightening levels when he ran into Rachel’s office with a picnic and ignored her polite, then increasingly stressed out pleas for him to stop distracting her from her work problem. Yet on their first date, when *he* had a work problem, she was expected to hang around quietly like a good girlfriend, and she did with no complaint. He spent weeks hounding Rachel for her friendship with Mark, whom we were shown was dating someone else at the time, but Ross also had a problem with her having a life outside of him, and after Ross had sex with someone else, he spent the rest of the series trying to justify himself.

    Ross was after Phoebe to tell Rachel about Paolo feeling her up, but six years later he confessed he was secretly married to Rachel (she clearly did not want to be married to him and he assured her he’d taken care of it), and asked her not to tell Rachel. He shooed off a guy Rachel was flirting with, he hid a messeage from her, then hours later she watched a video of him looking sad and all was instantly forgiven, she kissed him and they began dating.

    Ross showed up 30 minutes before he told his friends they were supposed to leave for his work event, but even after watching Rachel fret about looking good for him, for his event, after watching her trying to help Phoebe salvage her ruined outfit, he pitched a fit, not at the three people (Monica, Joey, and Chandler) who looked like they couldn’t give a crap about going, but at the woman he was supposed to be madly in love with, throwing her own shoes past her, yelling in her face, and ordering her to go inside her room and change. Then after a quick apology, she kissed him and they were fine and dandy. So basically he could treat her however he wanted, and she had to forgive him and be with him despite his erratic behavior. That’s not romance to me in the slightest.

    The writers had so many chances to show us that Ross was growing up and easing out of the insecurity and trust issues his divorce with Carol left him, but instead they turned him into even more of a whining douchebag who could sleep with whoever he wanted (I laughed at the “Joey has STDs” comment, like Ross didn’t sleep with dozens of people himself, including Janice and the copy girl), and who felt the need to dictate whom Rachel could speak to behind her back. And I don’t think Rachel was in love with Ross after Season 4, I think she became more enamored with the attention their drama brought them and the idea of them being together.

    On the flipside, Joey was turned from a man who treated women like disposable napkins, into a sweet, loving, and patient romantic interest for Rachel. He told Rachel about his feelings instead of waiting around for a year, letting interruptions impede him, and giving up like Ross did, he didn’t shoo guys off of her, he accepted her rejection and loved her unconditionally, he never hid messages from Rachel, he put her before himself… and he *cared* about her wanting a job she liked, unlike Ross with his “Jurassic Parka” comments (notice how he said “It’s just a job,” to Rachel in Season 3, then was all ”Career is the only thing that matters” when he got tenure in Season 10. A couple episodes later he stopped Rachel from boarding a plane to ask her to give up her lucrative Paris job to stay with him.) 

    Joey and Rachel loved living together, they cared for each other, she was happier and much more mellow with him, she was attracted to him and wanted to date him, and we saw them get along when it was just the two of them. Ross and Rachel rarely got scenes like those after Season 3, unless it was the season finale and the writers had to crank things up between them again for more viewers.

    In the episode after Ross found out Rachel and Joey were dating, he got drunk, clung to Charlie (Joey’s ex), cried because Rachel wouldn’t sit obediently on the sidelines until he’d get bored of his relationship with Charlie, and embarrassed everyone in the room. Meanwhile, Joey sat there quietly and patiently. He stayed with Ross the rest of the night instead of going home with Rachel, and he told Ross that he and Rachel would instantly break up for his sake, after having shown no problem with Ross dating his ex-girlfriend. And Ross was the one I was supposed to want Rachel with? Really?

    Even if I didn’t like Joey and Rachel together, I wouldn’t have wanted her and Ross to end up together. Their story was about a man wanting his high-school crush whom he never really respected or understood, and getting her because of some grand impulsive gestures, most of which ended up biting him in the butt. It was a story about a man NOT wanting the love of his life to have a job, interests outside of him, or a mind of her own. It was about him wanting her to be his perfect pretty cheerleader (the one he barely spoke to and was snubbed by in high school) with no job or anything else to desire, and in the scene where Rachel reveals she got off the plane, he got all of that. The whiny, selfish nerd got everything he wanted for… being whiny and selfish.

    As you stated, Joey and Rachel would’ve made a much better couple. With Ross/Rachel, it was more about the writers telling us (Phoebe proclaiming “He’s her lobster!”) they were great together, but with Rachel and Joey, it was more about the writers *showing* us (Rachel herself proclaiming “We’re the Cobras!” of she and Joey) they were great together.

  • Diego G.

    I’m a big fan of ‘Friends’, and I totally disagree with you. But it’s good that we think different, because otherwise it would be boring, if we all agree.
    But anyway, I think that Ross and Rachel are perfect for each other, they are just meant to be. As Phoebe said: “She is her lobster”.
    Now, I’m gonna said 5 reasons why I think that Ross and Rachel make more sense as a couple than Joseph Francis and Rachel Karen. Here we go…
    1. Ross and Rachel have some interets that are opposite, like for example paleonthology. But they share other interests, like for example music and making choreographies. Remember when they sing and dance for Emma, with ‘Baby got back’, that was hilarious. Or I don’t know, they can go a to a movie, or have dinner, or just hang around and drink coffee (the 6 friends drink coffee and talk all the time). Sure, they are opposite in some things, but at the end of the day, opposites attract. While Joey and Rachel are just very similar, and they eventually would get bored, because they would always talk silly things like “hiting Chandler” or about soap operas.
    2. Joey it’s just too stupid. I mean, he is like a 9 year old kid. When he wrote a letter to the adoption people, they told he was a child. Plus he has Hugsy, the pinguin, I mean, come on. While Ross, on the other hand, is very intelligent.
    3. Joey has never been in a serious relationship. He is all about having casual sex with strangers, and then never call them back. That’s just his nature. But Ross, on the other hand, can commit to a serious relationship (Carol, Emily).
    4. Rachel said once to Ross: “with you and me, it’s never off the table”. Even after they broke up, because of the whole “we were on a break”, they were still in love with each other. And at the end, they pass trough that, even if it took almost 6 years. But the love was still there. With Joey, the feelings just appeared for a while, and then they where gone. It’s was almost just a crush…
    5. Ross and Rachel had a daughter together, with even get them closer. I mean, a child it’s the most significant product of love. But Joey and Rachel, they couldn’t even have sex together, because Rachel kept slaping him in the face, or kicking his nuts.
    But anyway, that’s just my humble opinion. And by the way, I also have a blog. The only problem is that’s in spanish. But if you speak spanish, maybe it could interest you. I write a post about american sitcoms: http://diegoguevara17.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/el-gay-que-no-es-gay/

  • Nichole

    I love that Joey can tell reachel how he fells about her and so I love Joey/reachel and not Ross/reachel so I agree 100% for Joey/reachel

  • http://twitter.com/iammaz92 AZ1992

    Yes Yes. Joey and Rachel were my favourite couple. I love ross but joey and rachel had so much in common. They were meant to be together. I just watched the complete series(started in 1 august 2012 and ended on 24th august 2012 lol). . I just cannot stop myself from thinking of friends even though it has been like a decade since this show ended and there seems to be no chance of it’s return,whether as a sequel or a film. I just Love Friends. Best Sitcom…

  • Violet Crumble

    LOVE ALL YOUR REASONS!! At the end of the series when Ross and Rachel were back together, I didn’t have that feeling that this time they were going to stay together. So much had happened to them and it seemed that this time it wouldn’t be any different… That they would couldn’t just forget about everything. Yes, Joey had previously been with a lot of other women and hadn’t been in a real relationship, but with Rachel, it was proper… I was like naaawww, but we all know, that in the future there probably would have been difficulties for them too. It’s TV, the makers knew what they were doing. There is no way I would want to rewrite it. I actually enjoyed watching the Ross and Rachel thing.

  • j

    I SHIP JOEY AND RACHEL SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS. So, of course Joey. And i hate Ross. So much. I mean, it’s sooooooooooooooooooo much.

    • Rach/Joey

      Totaly agree with you! I ship Joey and Rach since first episodeee !

  • Marilyn

    Just because Ross loved Rachel since he was 15 doesn’t mean she should ne with him. Just because he did the whole prom video thing doesn’t mean she should be with him. He was angry, jealous, CHEATED on her, hid messsages from her, told her she should work less just to be with him, etc. Does that sound like a good boyfriend? The only thing they have in common is that they like pottery barn, which I admit is adorable.

    I wish the writers would have had Joey and Rachel date a bit longer so we could actually get a comparison of their relationships.

    • Rachel geller

      They were on a break

  • http://theboxofficejunkie.com Reebee7

    Ya’ll are crazy. I’ll grant some of the points, but many of the points I chalk up to writer’s convenience because the show lasted so long and they used Ross and Rachel for conflict untruthfully, even if it was dramatic and/or funny. I also don’t buy the ‘they wouldn’t work in real life!’ bit, because come on, they had undeniable chemistry despite being ‘different.’ My mother and father are different people… But it works for them.

  • You’re wrong

    I am the first to say that although I am more than glad that Rachel got off the plane, I am not a Rachel and Ross fan. That being said, I think you are more than wrong. Rachel and Joey did try a relationship but it didn’t work. Why? Be because they are better best friends than lovers. I believe that although Joey thinks he’s in love with Rachel, he’s really in love with their friendship and that’s why the relationship can never work on a romantic level. Ever had a best friend that you loved more than the world and would do anything for? Did you want to marry that best friend? If the answer is no, than you may just have a Rachel Joey friendship. J

  • Syd

    Totally agree. Whenever I told people I rooted for Rachel and Joey they looked at me like I was crazy… but Ross should be with someone who is interested in what he is doing and Rachel isn’t. Rachel and Joey had way more in common than Ross and Rachel ever did, besides him having that long-term crush in high school (which I think is the only reason people really sympathized with him).

  • Mass01234

    I agree with you 100%! I was much more interested in Joey/Rachel than Ross/Rachel. They had better chemistry.

  • Michael

    I have read a lot of arguments about whom Rachel should be ended up with. Your argument has many good points, and I totally agree with you. However, the series don’t always go as we want, and Ross ended up with Rachel. It’s the one and only thing I don’t like about Friends.

  • nphrox

    I dont agree with this at all. I love Rachel and I love Joey, but together, I always felt that they had so much fun as friends. But they were just that…. Just friends, and there was never any chemistry, AND Rachel was kind of career driven (which s something that she has in common with Ross), and despite how she behaved, she was way more intelligent than Joey. So she should definitely have been with Ross. And Ross was really good to her, he was sappy, because she was HOT and he was a geek. They were reallly cute together, honestly their drama, was one of the best in any sitcom. Well, now I miss Friends, I guess I’ll go watch it all over again!

  • Team Ross and Rachel

    Ross and Rachel were perfect for each other. Ross was a sweet guy and was caring. While Joey acted like a 2 year old and was immature. Ross and Rachel should be married!

  • lightningbarer

    oh boy do I just love sticking my head in these hornet nests.

    The first thing you should realise with these people is ‘every single one of them are terrible’ over the course of the 10 year run, each character had a horrible string of relationship mistakes both with each other and outside their co-dependent circle.
    The points you’ve made don’t seem that persuasive, personally I would have liked each of the group to branch out, Ross and Julie maybe, Rachel and Joshua, Monica and Richard, Phoebe and David, Chandler and Janice and Joey and Janine.

    Chemistry is possibly the only favourable point you made, but friendship
    chemistry and relationship chemistry are very different. They live
    together, yes, but they aren’t ‘living together’.
    I wonder what you were thinking, are effeminate
    males ‘wrong’ to you? I’m not saying that you’re right either, Ross-when
    motivated, is Suave and can easily talk to women, Rachel was his first
    love and a major insecurity for him.
    The beat-up parts are kinda juvenile
    The fact that Joey makes more money is…a good thing in terms of relationships? That’s just wrong.
    The weddings, okay…Ross did say Rachel at his wedding to Emily, that
    does mean he loves Rachel, keeping his continued marriage to Rachel a
    secret-that’s horribly wrong. Not defending anything there, it was
    strange first time and creepy second time around.The points about jealousy are difficult to explain,but I’ll try-(Like I
    said, they’re all terrible at relationships, here’s quick list from
    memory: Rachel told Ross she loved him and got him to break off
    relationships and then broke it off with him twice, Phoebe had a string
    of small relationships before Mike, then when she got him, wanted David
    the moment she saw him, Chandlers endless relationship with Janice,
    Chandlers longing after Kathy and their eventual relationship, Monica
    and Chandlers basis for their relationship and Monica’s many times she
    wanted Richard, Joey had commitment issues for a long time, Kathy and
    the other girl, every simple night of sex, etc.)-Ross feels insecure
    towards Rachel-who he considered ungettable up until he got her, but
    that long standing question of ‘am I good enough for her?’ always popped
    up when what he considered better looking men tried every other way to
    move in on Rachel.
    Charlie and Ross and Charlie and Joey. Ross did what you say Joey
    did with Rachel when Joey was with Charlie(if that makes sense), he even helped Joey try and
    enjoy the things she did, yes and Ross had a far harder
    time dealing with the other side of this than Joey did when their respective roles were
    reversed. But haven’t you forgotten something, that when Joey admitted he was
    in love with Rachel while she was pregnant with Ross’ baby, that Ross
    eventually came to the conclusion that-if anyone were to raise his child
    as another Father, it would be Joey he picked?
    Ross can’t flirt? Ok, so this has to do with a good relationship partner, how?
    ‘Other’ step-mom, Carol and Susan ARE Ben’s Mothers, and I’m pretty sure that when they got married(Joey is considered Canon, right?)Rachel would want to remain ‘Aunt’ Rachel.

  • Crissy Dahl


    I never really understood what Ross saw in Rachel, or what she saw in him, except that they came from the same hometown. Maybe it was a paleontology thing . . . Ross was only interested in digging up the past. Or maybe he could only love unattainable women . . . see Carol.

    And being together didn’t make them better people. It made them worse.

    But when Joey fell in love with Rachel, he grew up into this amazing person: warm and protective and determined to do the right thing, or ANY thing to make her happy. Maybe Ross was Rachel’s lobster (how not cuddly is that?), but Joey was her big, goofy, playful dog who adored her and would have died for her.

    And it was when Rachel was living with Joey that she stopped being such a screw-up and got her life and career together. Although how she got a job as a fashion executive beats me . . . did she even finish college? (But then, how could Monica be a chef and always be home in the evenings, or available to go out to dinner? Shouldn’t she have been MAKING dinner?)

    I want Ross to be happy too, though, so how about when Joey and Rachel get together, Ross gets Carol back — that’s just as likely as his getting Rachel back — and wasn’t it Carol’s rejection that laid him so low to begin with? Or even better, Ross could marry one of Joey’s sisters.

    I think the people behind “How I Met Your Mother” agree with you. They didn’t force Ted (Ross) to end up with Robin (Rachel). They let her get together with Barney (Joey).

  • Karem

    With Joey I would of wanted to see more of them

  • Deborah Brown

    Yes! I am especially convinced by Joey being an excellent room-mate, Ross turning into a spoilt child, and Rachel having a decent sense of humour (unlike dinoboy)


    Team Joey all the way

  • Brittany Kendzierski

    Ross didn’t take tator tots out of the oven. He was cooking fajitas.

  • Jessica

    This post is seriously old and I can’t believe I am reading it but the reason Rachel and Joey didn’t end up together was because it was already decided Joey would be a spinoff character. I read a lot of comments about how these people are wrong for each other and do not fully develop but what you should remember is – it is a tv show! It was obvious when Joey became a spin off after the season ending cliffhanger where rachel and Joey got together . The next season the series had to back pedal and make it out to be that rachel and Joey are good friends. The kind you can’t mess up with romantic entanglements. Rachel should have just said ” I’m sorry Joey. I cost too much money to be a guest star on your show. Plus I want to make more movies. With Paul Rudd. ” sorry if anyone else mentioned this I just couldn’t make hrough 50 something comments about this nonsense. It’s obvious that the greatness of friends makes everyone forget about the awfulness of Joey – the tv show not the character. Best Joey ever was when he pulls a fork from his pocket and eats cheesecake off the floor.

  • Joshua

    But remember the season nine opener? “I don’t love Joey” -Rachel Green. And the things that make him weak are the things that make Rachel love Ross