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TV Asylum Answers Reader Mail

Q: Of shows currently on TV, or shows that are out of season right now, which do you see as the evolutionary successor to LOST?
-Joseph Robinson

Knox: Great question. We actually received a few of these.

Here’s the thing with the LOST predecessors thing: It’s a lot like the next Michael Jordan thing in the NBA. We are always in this race to be like, “That’s the next LOST!” just like sportswriters are like Harold Miner is the next MJ…Grant Hill is the next MJ. But it won’t ever be like that.

What made LOSTgreat was how innovative and unexpected it was. It didn’t try to be anything formulaic. It just followed its own path. Other shows have and will continue to borrow from this template: The Event, The River, etc. But there will not be another LOST, particularly when you consider how much of a budget strain it was to shoot in Hawaii. Network TV is moving away from the template of high dollar production cost on TV shows. They’d much rather shoot 4 characters in a bar with a laugh track.

To answer the question though, the next LOST will be the show that accidentally redefines the industry because it is so unlike anything else. In that sense, the next LOST will be something completely unlike LOST.

Q: Was the Roku worth it? Do you miss live news?
-Meredith Erlandson

Tyler: 100% yes. First off, I get all my news via Twitter now (which I highly recommend). But if you insist on watching your news and are cable-less, here are a couple options:

1. I’m not sure how it is in your area, but my “Internet-only” plan actually comes with the basic channels (ABC, NBC, etc), so I can still watch live news if I want to (Extra is news, right?). Now, I won’t get CNN or Fox News that way, but I consider myself a better person for it.

2. If you MUST have your CNN and Fox News (and the like), Roku has a few different apps that allow you to watch actual live broadcasts from those networks and some other ones that aggregate news highlights from the day. So if being bombarded by news is your thing, you won’t miss out.

Bottom line: Roku was/is worth it.

Q: Did Modern Family stop being funny, or was it just me? I still love the characters but don’t laugh at them. I’m calling it Office Syndrome.
-Tyler Young

Knox: I went back and forth on this one. Here’s my theory:

Modern Family is a good show that has been overvalued. It has funny elements: (goofy dad, funny gay couple, Columbian woman with big breasts who can’t enunciate, etc) but the accolades it’s been receiving have elevated it to a place where you think it should be far and away the greatest thing to ever be on TV.

But it’s not.

It’s still fundamentally a good show. Not great. It isn’t significantly (or maybe even at all) greater than New Girl, but the peripheral elements (awards, people gushing about it) tell us that this should be the evolution of TV comedy and what we watch doesn’t match up with that.

Q: I didn’t see anything on ’24′ or ‘Prison Break’… question, WhAT!?
-Jeff Berg

Tyler: Listen. I’m embarrassed by their absence. It’s honestly one of those situations where you feel like you have so much to say and you don’t even really know where to start, so you just put it off and hope Knox takes care of it. That happens a lot around here.

And just so you know, I’ll be campaigning for Jack Bauer or 24 to be the next inductees into our Pantheon. Sure, both are on a different/lower tier than most of our current inductees, but they’re still Pantheon-worthy. I mean, I used to spend my days off in a dark basement plowing through an entire season, only getting up to use the restroom or grab some saltines. No other show has had such an all-consuming effect on me.

Q: Do you guys do ANYTHING other than watch TV?
-Joseph Craven

Knox: We also answer emails from turd-wagons like you. Does that count? IT SHOULD.

Q: I love Cougar Town – but I always seem to love the shows that are amazing, and can’t accomplish the ratings they need to stay on TV. How do I wage an all out war on behalf of Cougar Town? 

Tyler: Nice try, Bryan Allain. Just let nature run its course and let the trash get taken out. Also, I noticed a typo. You said “amazing” when you clearly might “a blight upon humanity.”

Q: What is a show that you watch (and love) but are too embarrassed to tell anyone.
-Timothy Rhodes

Knox: I’ll go current AND historical:
+ Current – American Horror Story.  Jessica Lange just CHEWING up scenery – why can’t I quit you?

+ Historical – Gossip Girl. I can’t explain it. My wife and I were religiously devoted to this show until every episode became the same exact thing every time always.

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  • http://chrystalmurphy.com/ Chrystal

    Once Upon a Time….I can’t be the only person that thinks it’s the greatest show on Sunday nights. Any thoughts from TVA staff?

    • http://www.knoxmccoy.com Knox McCoy

      Hypothetically speaking: would it bother you if I’d never seen the show? Total hypothetical.

      • http://chrystalmurphy.com/ Chrystal

        I would pity you. Pity for you from me.

        Honestly, it’s not the greatest show ever. But it is good. My thought from day 1 has been that it would’ve been an AMAZING mini-series. I’m concerned about how they’re really going to make an entire series out of it without dragging it out and making it all weird and stupid. But maybe they have a plan that I don’t see yet. Anyway, you should watch it so you’re not missing out anymore.

        • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

          If you’re comparing it to the rest of the ABC line-up (Desperate Housewives, GCB) then YES it’s the greatest show on Sunday nights.

          I love it, but I’m a couple weeks behind. I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend.

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  • http://www.welcometothelaundromat.com/ Christina Shumway

    My heart is clapping inside for the Knox and Tyler collaboration.  Well done.