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Cable Bills to Begin Skyrocketing

This article at Yahoo is particularly sobering for people who still subscribe to cable.

I know 2020 is a loooooooong way away, but it won’t be a sudden change. It’s going to be very deliberate and very systematic. Do you realize how much we already pay vs. what we actually want? It’s insane. This is an OnDemand culture (like it or not)  but yet we’re still being force-fed hundreds of channels that will never be entered into our remotes.

Good thing we have a handy article in the off-chance that you are considereing dumping cable.

  • http://chrystalmurphy.com/ Chrystal

    We just dumped it a week ago. It was weird at first but we’re already getting used to it. We don’t even have 2-13, running totally off Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime (which we already had). And paying about $60 less a month!!

    Now if we could figure out how to lower internet costs…

  • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

    Funny. I was already paying close to $200 before I “voluntarily decided” to get rid of my cable.

  • http://www.theisleofman.net/ Kevin Haggerty

    This is super lame. I’d love to ditch DirecTV, but I still have not found a suitable solution for HD Sports and certain shows I really need to be able to watch Live.