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7 Things I Learned from 24

I recently completed the full series of 24 and here is what I learned:
  • Jack Bauer, for all his skills and ninja-esque abilities, is the worst at time management. Regardless of preparation or planning, he will frequently go 24 straight hours running completely out of time in every thing he does. Maybe he should focus less on all the hand-to-hand combat skills and more on time management.
  • Season 8 could have really taken it to the next level by adding Brian Austin Green (BAG) as a sidekick to Freddie Prinze, Jr’s Cole Ortiz. Fans, like myself, of the show Freddie know what I’m talking about. Haha. Just kidding. No one was a fan of shortlived Freddie.
  • Kim Bauer, aka Alex Kerkovich, is the true antagonist of the 192+ hours of 24. If given a paintball gun with 2 bullets and put in a room with pre-death Osama Bin Laden, pre-death Saddam Hussein and Kim Bauer, most reasonable people would use both bullets on Kim Bauer, such is her unlikability. Who else could run into a mountain lion and get locked into a bomb shelter and survive? Elisha Cuthbert went from the hated Kim to the lovable Alex from Happy Endings. Well, not everyone loves Alex.
  • The unsung hero of the show? Agent Aaron Pierce. I’m not saying I wish I was his son but I kind of am.
  • Go back and watch how much tongue action President Charles Logan is putting out. I am hoping it was just part of Gregory Itzin’s method acting or maybe he was just doing a really bad impression of Heath Ledger as the Joker.
  • I would have never believed that Bubba could have survived Vietnam, started a shrimping business, and retired from that to finally end up working at CTU. I bet Forrest would be so proud.
  • Governmental agencies on TV are about as well-run as a Burger King franchise in Mississippi. Rural Mississippi.

What did you learn from 24?

  • DustyKennedy

    Love it!  I really need to go back and watch all of the seasons of 24 again.

  • http://tylerstanton.com Tyler Stanton

    Who has more neck skin, Charles Logan or Hurley from LOST?

    This is not rhetorical. The correct answer is Charles Logan.

  • http://twitter.com/awestintx sonja

    we need people to make the hard choices and I am not one of them

    • http://twitter.com/mgd723 Mark Davis

      Great lesson learned. Also, another great lesson, the TV government needs to stop hiring people who turn into moles

  • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

    Even though I think it’s safe to assume I am the only person on the planet to feel this way, I stand firm on my position re: Alex. 

    But thanks for bringing THAT up again. :)  

    • http://twitter.com/mgd723 Mark Davis

      I am in therapy because of your Happy Endings post. Doesn’t make your opinion wrong, just giving facts about me.

      • http://lauramcclellan.com Laura McClellan

        I’m sorry my post caused you mental anguish! Who knew people were so passionate about Happy Endings?