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Chicago vs. Chicago

Well done New Era. You’ve have just used Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson to perfection. Or were you using Ron Swanson and Darryl Philbin?  Doesn’t matter. You win commercials.

  • MMattM

    “You seem to manage just fine.” Ha! Not technically true, but, still. Ha!

  • Clint Miller

    These are really awesome.

    If Parks and Rec and the Office are both finished after next year – I’d love to see a show with these two in it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cre8iveGenius Britt Bartoli

    I had the privilege of being a student judge for the Peabody Awards and also working at the ceremony in NYC this week. Most of the P&R cast was there (they won a Peabody this year!) and I was able to meet/converse with many of them. 

    It only took a 15 minute conversation with Nick Offerman to realize that he’s legitimately similar to Ron Swanson in real life. Among other things, he imparted upon us some of his woodworking knowledge and told us that we should only get tattoos that our grandchildren will be proud of (I thought he was being sarcastic but he was totally serious).

    Now that I’ve met Ron Swanson, my life is complete.