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We Have To Go Back: Revisiting Lost Two Years Later

It was two years ago this week that millions of us tuned in to the 2.5 hour series finale of Lost, which to me is one of the best shows ever created. Do not try to argue with me about this. I know; haterz gon hate, but please stay away. So many shows have come and gone since claiming to be “the next Lost“, but let’s be honest, they could not even compare to the greatness of The Oceanic Six or the Smoke Monster or “WAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLT!”

To celebrate Lost on this special anniversary, I’ve picked out my 8 favorite episodes of the entire series. Why 8? Well, I could have picked 4 or 15 or 16 or 23 or 42. But, I’ll stick with 8.

Note: SPOILER ALERT. I talk about people who die! But really, if you haven’t seen every episode of Lost, you should just go ahead and stand in the middle of a busy street.

JK, you guys! JK. But please, stop what you’re doing and watch it now. Then come back and read this. You’ll be a better person. Promise.

Without further ado, here are my top eight favorite episodes of Lost. Ever. Along with some memorable scenes from each episode!

1. Pilot – Season 1

In which we meet the passengers from Oceanic Flight 815. Sometimes a Pilot episode is super awkward and you wonder how it got the greenlight to be made in the first place. Sometimes it’s so-so and you can see the solid potential for the rest of the season. Then, sometimes you are blessed with a piece of work so great that it makes you want to hug your TV or take it out behind a middle school and get it pregnant. (I couldn’t resist) The Lost pilot, directed by co-creator J.J. Abrams, is so well done it makes one laugh in the face of most other pilot episodes. And it’s a pricey one too, being the most expensive pilot episode ever made until just a couple of years ago. Who knew?

Here we get to see the wreckage and carnage of the plane crash just as our resident Mr. Fix-It, Jack, is seeing it for the first time:

Things just got real, y’all.


2. The Constant – Season 4

I’m not alone in thinking this is one of the best episodes of the entire series (it’s on every top 10 list I could find). Say what you will about the polarizing character Daniel Faraday, but without him and his “Constant” theory we never would have had this moment between those crazy love birds Desmond and Penny.

Christmas is so romantic.


3. Through the Looking Glass – Season 3

Charlie Pace’s life had a mission and in this episode we found out what that mission was. Dive down to the Looking Glass station! Punch some keys to the tune of “Good Vibrations”! Flip a switch! Then.. drown? All for the greater good of the rest of the castaways. Ugh. Now, I know Charlie’s story had been told and there wasn’t much more he had left to give in the grand scheme of Lost, but COME ON. This could have been prevented, am I wrong in thinking so? Please, tell me.

It’s a great way to go, don’t misunderstand. He did a good thing. Had he not died this way he probably would have choked on a berry or gotten sun poisoning. That would have been sad.

Another reason this epsiode is a favorite is because of the twist ending in which we realize the flash backs of Jack throughout the episode are really flash forwards, giving us a new narrative for season four and beyond. It also gave us the line “We have to go back!” that we’ve all come to know and love. We all say it on a regular basis, right? Right?!

We have to go – oh you know the rest.


4. Everybody Hates Hugo -Season 2

Hurley’s a bajillionaire! And it’s all thanks to those numbers 4 8 15 16 23 and 42! But they’re bad luck for Hugo, you guys. Nobody believes him when he says he’s mega rich and he screws up everything and blabs to Rose about the hatch and Jack is PISSED. But it’s ok, because he’s in charge of the giant stash of food in the hatch that they found. What does he do with it all? He gives it away to all the castaways! One might not be able to buy love, but you can trade some peanut butter and Apollo bars for it, sho nuff. Also, we meet Rose’s husband Bernard!

Who doesn’t love a good montage?


5. Expose – Season 3

I KNOW! This episode is almost so bad it’s great. People call it unnecessary or filler. You know what’s unnecessary and filler? Nikki and Paolo, the two ridiculous characters that meet their fate by getting buried alive at the end of the episode. They steal diamonds! They get bitten by paralyzing spiders! There’s a Billy Dee Williams cameo! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

THAT’S a bad way to go. Also, Hurley and Sawyer are total murderers!


6. The Man Behind the Curtain – Season 3

Ben Linus is one screwed up fella. Is he good? Is he bad? Are those wire glasses he wears comfortable at all? We may never know. But he’s one compelling character, to say the least. In this episode we meet Richard Alpert, we find out that Ben gets way jealous that Locke can talk to Jacob, why his father hates him, why he kills his father in later years, and how he takes over The Dharma Initiative. There’s a lot going on here! And it makes Ben all the more interesting.

Meet Jacob, Mayor of Creepsville.


7. Walkabout – Season 1

This is my absolute favorite episode and John Locke is my absolute favorite character. His unwavering faith that they’re on The Island for a reason, that it is his destiny, and how it was portrayed by Terry O’Quinn is nothing short of brilliant.

In this episode we find out that before the crash Locke had been in a wheelchair for four years. But, according to Locke, The Island had magical powers and gave him the ability to walk again. We’ere also given another quotable in the form of “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” A motto we should all adopt.

He also shows off his killer knife set and his boar-hunting abilities.


8. The End – Season 6

I still can’t watch the last ten minutes of the series finale without completely losing it. I just hate saying goodbye, you guys!

I love everything about how this show ended. Were all the questions answered? No. But did the important questions get answered. I believe they did. All we needed to know was that “everything that happened was real” and that “the most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone.”

And adding a dog to a death scene might make me cry the hardest.


There you have it! I was going to list some honorable mentions, but I feel like I would just name every other episode ever made.

Did I make a good list? What are your favorites? Do you miss these guys as much as I do?

  • http://www.coolpeoplecare.org Sam Davidson

    LOST is the only perfect TV show in the history of entertainment. While Mad Men is giving it a run for its money, we won’t be able to judge until ages hence. For now, LOST stands atop the proverbial four-toed statue of TV perfection.

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      As much as I love Mad Men, and that’s a lot, to me it will never be as perfect as Lost was. BUT let’s talk when Mad Men is over. We’ll see how I feel then.

    • CM

       Mad Men and LOST shouldn’t be compared in the same sentence. The most accurate description of Mad Men I’ve ever heard was: “a soap-opera decked out in high-end clothes”

      I realize that discrediting MM is essentially blasphemy on this site, but it needed to be said.

      • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

        I feel like most shows are soap operas but they’re just set in different time periods. I mean just look at Downton Abbey. It might be the biggest soap opera of all as of late, but it’s so well done. It’s the quality of how it’s made and the detail that goes into it that makes a show worth watching.

  • DustyKennedy

    Great article and great show.  I, too, think the finale was great.

    I wonder what would happen if you watch Episodes 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 in order?

    -Episode 4 – Walkabout
    -Episode 8 – Confidence Man
    -Episode 15 – Homecoming
    -Episode 16 – Outlaws
    -Episode 23 – Exodus (Part 1)
    -Episode 42 – Lockdown

    Maybe a plane goes down in the Pacific?  Hope not…..

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      Oh man, what a great idea! This begins AND ends with Locke-centric episodes! Coincidence?

    • http://twitter.com/peachgeek Donna Williams

       That sounds like a good lineup for a marathon!  And yes, Walkabout was awesome. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Karen-Moret-Harrison/1553906570 Karen Moret Harrison

    Well, I just cried watching the last episode again.  I hope when I die all the people I loved and who loved me will be waiting for me, smiling and happy to be together.  It was an ending worth waiting for.

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      wouldn’t that be great to be reunited with the most important people in your life in the end? I thought it was the perfect ending for the series.

      I cry EVERY time I watch the finale.

  • http://twitter.com/jenclapp Jen Clapp

    I’m just glad it the episode where Sayid stares into a musical snow globe for ten minutes. Ugh. BOR-RING. I think The Constant is my very most favorite episode.

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      What episode is THAT? I don’t remember a musical snow globe at all. I think I could watch The Constant every day for the rest of my life and be ok with that decision.

  • http://thomasmarkzuniga.com TMZ

    Season 3′s finale will always be my favorite of all-time. There’s no way anyone could have predicted such a shift in the format of the show, from accustomed flashbacks to sudden flash-forwards. I remember sitting there in absolute awe when sloppily bearded Jack screamed WE HAVE TO GO BAAAACK and the season ended. Just incredible drama.

    Walkabout is a close second though. Love me some Locke.

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      When Kate showed up to meet Jack at the end of Through the Looking Glass, I remember thinking, “They knew each other BEFORE the island?!” because my brain was still in flashBACK mode. Such a great way to shake up the way they told their stories.

      I miss this show so much.

  • http://www.haleybragg.com/ haleybragg

    FINALLY reading this! Great job, Molly. I’m ready to re-watch. You in?

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      um, DUH. I’m always up for re-watching. Remember that time we tried?

      • http://www.haleybragg.com/ haleybragg

        I do! We should try to make it actually happen this summer. Pool time and LOST should be our only summer goals. That’s cool, right?

        (I think I know why I’m single, btw.)

    • Lindsay Curtis

      Immediately reading this I texted David and said we need re-watch Lost from the beginning…starting tonight. :)

      • http://www.haleybragg.com/ haleybragg

        Lenox (Village/Creekside) watch parties?!

      • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

        my job here is done.

  • http://bryanallain.com/ Bryan Allain

    love it, great job! I miss LOST!

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      thanks! I miss it so much, too. Simply the best.

  • Jason

    This makes me miss the show so much more…

    I freely admit that at the end of The Constant I had streams of tears cascading down my face. Such a great episode.

    I think another great episode, just in terms of importance, was “Raised by Another” (S1E10) – in which Hurley drops the bombshell that one of the survivors wasn’t on the plane. At that moment, you knew it was about to get all cray cray up in here.

    I apologize for saying “cray cray.”

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      That IS a great episode. I really could have had a much longer list of my favorites, but the post would have gone on for days.

      You didn’t say “cray cray”, you typed it. So, I’ll let it slide.

  • Kassie

    Great list!  Absolutely makes me want to 
    watch the entire series again.  All at once.  Right now.  I feel I’ve found a
    kindred spirit in you, too:  Locke is very much my favorite character,
    and he may be my favorite television character of all time.  I don’t
    think I’ve ever known another fictional personality to be so deeply,
    beautifully, tragically written and acted.  Just thinking about him and
    his life and how he was used throughout it makes me want to cry. 

    • http://twitter.com/mollsabeth Molly Gentry

      No one could have done as good a job as Terry O’Quinn did with Locke. I think he deserves every award ever made for his work on that show (same with Michael Emerson as Ben).

  • Shawn Smucker

    Awesome post. I so want to go back and watch the whole thing again. You definitely missed my favorite episode though – that opening episode when you think you’re in an apartment and then realize you’re in the hatch. So cool