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Breaking Bad Recap: Gliding All Over

  Before we recap, let’s go ahead and clarify something. Episode 8 of the fifth season of AMC’s Breaking Bad was the finale…sort of. It was the finale for 2012, but it wasn’t the series finale. And it wasn’t the season finale either. At least that’s what AMC is telling us. But that’s stupid. The next [...]

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Breaking Bad Recap: Say My Name

  It dawns on me that none of these recaps have included a “spoilers” disclaimer. So, I’m doing it now. This recap will feature spoilers. Lots of them. But, let’s be serious, how could I recap an episode of a TV show without telling you what happened. And, let’s take things a step further. If [...]

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Breaking Bad Recap: Buyout

Walter White is not very good at keeping friends. Never has been. He’s a bridge burner. It’s a nasty habit that he’s not trying to quit. The most recent manifestation of this negative character trait has been seen via Walt’s relationship with “Hitman Mike,” like boiling water slowly rising to the top of the cauldron. [...]

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The Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 4

  Episode 4 kicks off with Walt and his son, Walter Jr. (no one calls him Flynn anymore), at a mechanic’s garage, picking up the old green Pontiac that was obliterated in Season 4 (Episode 11), when Walt purposely got in an accident while driving his brother-in-law Hank around, as a diversion to keep himself [...]

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The Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 3

  In episode 3 of Breaking Bad season 5, we pick up where we left off, with an up-close and personal view of Walter White’s descent into the pit of villainy. For four seasons, it felt like the writing was trying to convince us that Walt was still a good guy, deep down. He was committing [...]

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The Breaking Bad Recap: Episode 2

The format for Breaking Bad is simple: Give the fans a smash-mouth, action-packed episode with lots of explosions…then, dial it back a tad with an episode that explains some of the rising action and the depth, which builds the characters and their respective stories. Episode two of this, the fifth season of Breaking Bad, was just the latter [...]

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The Breaking Bad Recap

Season 5 of the hit AMC TV series, Breaking Bad, is back, and it is back with a vengeance! The season premiere (which hit the airwaves on Mon., July 16, 2012), kicked off with the typical recap of everything that’s happened thus far. Just in case you forgot, or you’re new here. Basically, Gus Fring was [...]

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