About TV Asylum

TV Asylum was created by Tyler Stanton and Knox McCoy to be a safe place for the television-obsessed.

In April 2013, it was merged with the podcast network known as the Xtra Bacon Network (created by Knox McCoy and Mark Davis) and that merger created a podcast child named “The TV Asylum Show.” If you must now, it was delivered naturally with no drugs.

This is really all you need to know about who we are:

If you’re still unclear about whether or not TV Asylum is for you, here are a few questions that might help clear that up:

1. As a kid, was the most exciting part of your summer vacation the ability to watch The Price is Right?

2. Would you literally give anything for a TV in the bathroom?

3. When you’re having a heart-to-heart with your child, do you wish Full House-esque music was playing softly in the background?

4. Could you sing the entire Mr. Belvedere opening song* right now?

5. Do you judge people who judge people for watching too much TV?

6. When you ask people about their favorite shows, are you secretly looking for an enabler?

7. Do you wish, not that there were more hours in a day, but that there were more hours of Law & Order: SVU in a day?

8. Did you petition to name your first child Dwayne Wayne?

9. When your wife objected, did you suggest Doogie, saying that would significantly increase his chances of becoming a child prodigy?

10. Has your favorite song ever been a commercial jingle?

11. Have you ever referred to watching 24 as “getting a fix”?

12. Have you ever planned a family vacation around your favorite shows?

13. Do you still recognize and celebrate TGIF?

14. Did you cry when you found out your grandparents didn’t have TV growing up?

15. Have you ever carefully crafted a presentation to give your wife on why you need a 47-inch flat screen?

16. Do you take someone’s cable package into consideration before starting a friendship?

17. Have you ever referred to Comcast as your “dealer”?

18. Are you concerned that your kid’s homework is going to interfere with his TV schedule?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, let us be the first to say it –

Welcome home. You are safe here. This is your trust tree for TV.